How Do I Submit?

We are actively seeking finished works on all genre’ (except chick-lit). If you are interested in submitting a work for consideration, please email us at with the following:

1. A short cover letter introducing yourself.
2. A short synopsis (one page – you can do it).
3. One complete chapter (not two).
4. Importantly, WHY you feel this book should be published.

We will get back with you if interested and have you send the completed work at that time. Again, remember. It is subjective. If we do not want to see your completed work, that doesn’t mean it is not good. And remember, the age of self-publishing is here. We can help you through all the steps to professionally create a book that will rival big New York publishers. Get the step by step guide for FREE!

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John Woods is an excellent publisher with a talented, top notch crew of experts who are on call to solve any imaginable publishing challenge. Woods is technically knowledgeable, creative, persistent, and always a pleasure to work with throughout the sometimes hair-pulling process of book production and subsequent promotion.

Anne Kent Rush