Thank you, John. You were a BIG part of making OM-Less? what I hoped it would be. I have received so many compliments on the professional look and feel of the book. With gratitude,Susan P.

As a published author of 14+ plus plus anthology contributions, I was thrilled to come across Intellect Publishing. They really gave my work the personal and professional touch it needed. Intellect was everything I could have wished for in a publisher. I only wish I’d discovered them earlier!Theresa Lacey

I am extremely happy with my relationship with independent micro publisher Intellect and its president, John Woods. It’s not often that an author is totally happy with design, layout, cover and overall entire book product, plus follow-up promotion.Ed Addeo

I can’t say enough about the wonderful service John O’Melveny Woods and Intellect Publishing provided when publishing my first book, Absolute Anarchy. The company offers options from managing the entire project through guiding you to learn self-publishing. John tailored my project to suit my particular needs, making adjustments as required. Aside from his professional conduct, John is also very personable.Johnny Jacks

Working with John at Intellect on my book, George Wallace: An Enigma, has been a real pleasure. He is very agreeable and considerate of an author’s viewpoint regarding the content and layout of the book. He pays close attention to detail and it has progressed in a timely fashion. Unlike some other publishers I have dealt with, John follows through with marketing that determines success, or failure. I have enjoyed every minute of our association. As George Wallace would say, “Keep on keeping on,” John.Mary Palmer

John Woods is an excellent publisher with a talented, top notch crew of experts who are on call to solve any imaginable publishing challenge. Woods is technically knowledgeable, creative, persistent, and always a pleasure to work with throughout the sometimes hair-pulling process of book production and subsequent promotion.Kent Rainne

All I did on my part was send John at Intellect Publishing my unpolished book in a Word document. Within no time at all my book was proofed and a printed demo copy was in the mail to me. Intellect took care of everything from formatting to making sure everything was squared away with the printer. Now, with nearly no effort on my part, my book is on the verge of being released. Intellect took a daunting process and streamlined it so all I had to do is worry about writing my book; the rest was taken care of by them.M.J. Waters

Intellect Publishing published my first book, Sweeten the Deal: How to Spot and Avoid the Big Red Flags in Online Dating in 2015. Working with John Woods was a privilege. He offered insight and advice during the process while allowing me creative control over the work. In the cutthroat world of publishing, John offers his clients an unusual gift — his generosity of time, creativity and vast experience in the industry. I couldn’t be happier with with my experience and the quality of his work.Elizabeth Denham

John Woods, founder of Intellect Publishing, took an interest in my tales of becoming a State Supreme Court Judge in an historically all-male profession. This fine publishing team of interviewer, Arden Schell; publisher, John Woods; and editor, Anne Kent Rush, shaped my personal story into an engrossing book with wide historic relevance.Retired Supreme Court Justice Janie Shores